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Hawkeye (Aja/Fraction) nails on Camille.


Pacific Rim eye makeup based on the characters. (products used)

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Preview of Phil Noto art in the upcoming Black Widow comic. From Axel Alonso’s twitter.


Ashley Mackenzie, on Tumblr



Hakusaku (はくさく)

Another one of my top favorite painters, Hakusaku pushes digital art forward with their masterful handling of the digital brush. If you would like to see just how Hakusaku puts down their strokes and creates the stunning colors, renderings, and compositions of their works, they fortunately have made their process very accessible in two ways; through either their Drawr or their Ustream channel (linked below) you can watch their process in real time, sometimes entirely from a blank canvas to the finished piece. I would highly recommend watching their recorded streams or catching a live broadcast on Ustream — a lot of my favorite work by them is best/only seen in those streams.

Note: Hakusaku’s name is sometimes written as H9S9 and 8939.


Red fox sits among Ravens.




I finally got my photos back from the lab! These were all taken in august with my lomography camera mostly in Main Street around the fringe festival